The Sippin Squirrel
Mobile Bar

Who Are We?

We are a one of a kind 1964 converted horse trailer into a fully functional and mobile bar! This vintage trailer has been transformed into a chic and trendy hub that will leave all of your guests mesmerized and impressed.


The Sippin' Squirrel

The Sippin’ Squirrel is a professional mobile bar company that specializes in providing top notch bar experiences, fresh housemade ingredients, and carefully curated decor and styling for our clients. We work closely with our customers to create unique bar services that reflect their individual vision and story.

Our custom menus feature fresh, housemade ingredients, locally grown herbs, and flowers specifically chosen to complement your unique event. We pride ourselves on our above and beyond customer service, ensuring every aspect of your event runs smoothly, and your guests leave with unforgettable memories.

The Sippin’ Squirrel is passionate about delivering an exceptional experience for our clients, blending creativity, professionalism, and attention to detail to create an unforgettable event.


What Makes Us Stand Out

Mobile Bar

Rent our Mobile Horse Trailer Bar that includes custom menu planning and guest count planning.

Housemade Ingredients

Every garnish, syrup, and rimming salt/sugar is completely homemade and the majority of our herbs are grown locally.

Curated Decor

We have painstakingly collected a wide assortment of vintage/shabby chic decor and furniture to take the styling of your event to the next level. 

Station Selection

We offer a wide variety of stations to fit the needs of your guests Рsuch as, champagne toast stations, mimosa bars, and more. 

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Our Highlights

Every event and detail matters to us immensely – contact us to see how we can curate the perfect experience for your event!


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